Set a conditional formatting across the entire sheet that only affects the cell where the condition

Dan Leas
Dan Leas
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm trying to find a way to do what I've done with spreadsheets before, but I am not seeing a way to do in Smartsheets.  

In some of my fields, there are instances where I won't have a value.  I populate those with NA, and I'd like to turn the fill for those boxes gray automatically.  Traditionally I'd do a conditional format that affects the entire spreadsheet that says if the contents = NA then change the fill color of only that cell gray.  

So far I've found where I can do that on a per column basis, but then I would have to recreate the same rule 25 times to cover all columns. 

Is there anyway to do this that I'm missing?

Thank you!