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Building a report or form that allows the user to query for a row?

Evan Meyers
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

We have been thinking of creative ways to allow users to manage just what is their responsibility without the added risk of someone fat fingering a change to a row that they do not own and the question came up if there was functionality to pull up data for a row similar to a DB query?  


We have users submit requests to our SMARTsheet via a form that adds a new row to our sheet and assigns a unique record ID to the row.  We set up reminders and alerts for our users to update the data on a weekly basis, but at times end users know of changes between the weekly alerts and we'd like to encourage them to share those updates as they are available and not wait for the weekly update reminder.


Is there a way to have a form or report query a SMARTsheet and display data in the form or report based on the results?  For example, a user would go to the entry form (or a report) and manually enter the tracking ID and trigger a search which would populate the form (or report) with the data that matches the ID entered?


  • SashaR

    In a roundabout way, yes. The reporting tool will bring in rows from sheets based on criteria you select. You could use a report to do what you are looking for. 


    Set the report to look at any sheet you want included and add what columns you want seen. When you need to edit a record, use the report criteria to show the row that contains the record ID. 


    Another option (which would be quicker and less work) is to use the built in Search tool. At the top left of Smartsheet, there is a search box. Enter the record ID here, then the tool will find the record across all your sheets. Clicking on the record will pop up a window with each field from the row. You can make and save changes directly from the pop up - without opening the sheet. Or you can click the arrow and be brought to the row in the sheet, where you can edit and save. This can be done from any menu/sheet while working in Smartsheet. 

  • Evan Meyers

    wow @SashaR GREAT tip!  WIll play around with that.

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