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MikeM7070 ✭✭
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Has anyone figured out a way to disable the update confirmation email that is sent following an update request? The email is confusing my user community because it links to a sheet they don't have access to. Is it possible to even change the text in the confirmation email to ask the team to ignore the link on the email? 


  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee


    Thanks for your post! There isn't currently a way to disable the Update Confirmation email that is sent after filling out an Update Request, but you can submit a Product Enhancement Request with the quick link to the right. There also isn't a way to modify the text that appears in the email.

    One potential workaround would be to blacklist emails from user@smartsheet.com which contain "Update Confirmation: " in the subject header. Alternatively, you can insert a locked column in your sheet with the text you'd like to display, then include this in the Update Request so that the Update Request confirmation includes this read-only column.

    I hope this helps!

    Isaac J

    Smartsheet Support

  • Caroline Sheldon

    Great news! We now allow people to opt-in to receive this request confirmation rather than receiving it automatically every time. Read more in my Community Post.