Publish a shared google Calendar in a sight

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Hi there,

I've imported our team google calendar into a smartsheet no problem, and I can see all the entries, however when I try to present this in a sight the calendar grid is displayed without any entries. 

I've 'published' the source sheet with the calendar import, and both the source sheet and sight are shared with all the people who use the team calendar in google.  

Can anyone help? How can I resolve this?

Many thanks, Lou


  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If your calendar exists on Google Calendar, be sure to make the specific calendar public.

    1. click on the 3-dot menu next to the calendar you to want to share. 
    2. Choose Settings and Sharing
    3. Choose Make Public under access 
    4. Scroll down to "Integrate Calendar"
    5. Copy the public URL to this calendar (May not be available to select until you save and re-enter the calendar settings.
    6. Enter your dashboard
    7. Add a new widget
    8. Choose the Web Content Widget
    9. Choose Add URL
    10. Add the Google Calendar url you just copied to embed your calendar.