Adding New Items During Update Request

Dave Wilderman
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I have a report page where I've been testing the "Update Request" feature through a custom form. It works well for updating existing information, but is there a way to also add new line items with that request?

For example: If I am sending an "Update Request" for a user to review a list of existing fruits and vegetables and they notice that the list is missing apples, can I add an option for the user to click "add new" within the form process? Or is the only way to add new items during an update request to send them to the main spreadsheet/report page?




  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi Dave,

    There isn't a way to add a new row from an update request, but as a workaround, you could add a link to a form, and they could add rows from that.

    Would that work?

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  • Debbie Sawyer
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    Hi Dave

    Typically an Update Request is sent so that the recipient can update existing data held in 1 record, or add data to cells that already exist for 1 record that are yet to be populated.

    To add a whole new record, you would need to use the Forms option and, as Andree said above, you could provide a link to the Form in the Update Request.

    However, I would be intruiged to see the scenario that promted this question as I wonder if you want a user to be able to update entries for a dropdown list from a Update Request?  as I can't think of any other scenarios where an update request would show a "list" of anything where there might be something missing, as it only sends data from 1 record.

    If it is the entries in a dropdown list that need updating, then you could allow the new entry to be added by de-restricted the dropdown list column within the sheet then you could potentially have conditional formatting or a trigger set up to alert the owner of the sheet when someone has added a new entry to a dropdown list cell which isn't on the pre-populated list?

    At SBP we have developed a dropdown list management tool, which might be useful to you if you wanted to add entries to a dropdown list item which appears in more than one sheet across your enterprise.  If it were dropdown lists that you were refering to, then I'd be happy to provide you with more information on how we can help.

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