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Color Palette

Brad JonesBrad Jones Top Contributor
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So I figured others might find this useful.  I couldn't find it, so I made it by exporting the palette from SS into Excel and divining the numbers.  It's the RGB color scheme for Smartsheet for Excel 2013.


SS Palette 1.png


  • J. Craig WilliamsJ. Craig Williams Top Contributor

    Good job Brad!



  • Brad JonesBrad Jones Top Contributor


    Currently SS does not support the importing of color for your text.  And, it is not perfect for importing color for your cells (particularly the greys).


    My tip is to do all your grouping and fill formatting in excel or googlesheet, then import and do your text formatting in SS.

  • TravisTravis Employee

    Brad - Smartsheet does support importing color of your text. There is a bug where text color is not brought in if the filetype is in .xlsx format. If you change the Excel format to .xls the font color will be imported.


    Our QA team is working on fixing this bug, thanks for your patience! 

  • Brad JonesBrad Jones Top Contributor

    Ahhh Travis!  Thanks so much for the update.  I received an email from one of your support techs that SS did not support importing colors.  Glad to know it is just related to the file format.  I tested this, and found that it does upload colors from an XLS.  Not great, but better.  Smile

    The problem is now my color numbers will be off, because excel 2003 uses a different color scheme than the new office formats.   Sorry folks.

    SS Color Problems 2.png

  • I am also trying to import the correct color into SmartSheet that I need. However, the color always reverts to the closest SmartSheet color rather than the one I need. Please let me know if there is a trick. I have tried both Excel XLS and Excel 2010 files.

  • Hi Jill-- Thanks for contacting Smartsheet Support. To confirm, we do currently have a limited color palette, so if Smartsheet can't exactly match the color in your Excel file, we'll pick the next closest color we have available. Hope this helps clear things up!

  • Please let us know if there are plans to enhance in this area and an expected time frame for rollout.

  • Hi Jill-- Changes to the color palette are not on our short term roadmap at this point, but I've added your vote for this to our enhancement request list :)

  • How can we get a customized palette added to the roadmap? I hate how the dashboards look with the basic colors

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