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Kevin F
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I'd like to display a view of some of my sheets within an SAP JAM group though the setup in SAP JAM requires the Smartsheet website to begin with "".  Does this require publishing the page so that it is visible to users without a login or is there a workaround that anyone is aware of?


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee
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    Hi Kevin,

    Publishing a sheet, report, or dashboard generates a unique URL that anyone can access without logging in to Smartsheet and iframe code that you can embed within the source code of a website to display the sheet or report.

    When publishing in Read Only -Full or Edit by Anyone mode, you have the option of enabling access controls —an option to control whether the link will be accessible by anyone or only by licensed and unlicensed users in the sheet owner's account. The second option, requires users to log in before they can see the published item.

    "Only available to users in the owner's account" means that this sheet will only be accessible to the users found within the user management list of the sheet owner's account. Please note, the user management form is only visible to System Administrators.

    If needed, more information on this can be found in our help article:

  • Meech P

    Can you clarify that only system admins can manage/create users in owners accounts (sheet/report/dashboard)? 

    We are trying to determine the best way to give people access to our project dashboards and are unclear as to what only available to users in the owner's account" really means. We are also unclear how to add the users and where they should be added to the owners account.

    From what I can see online, I think I need System Admin privileges rather than Group Admin. 

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Meech P

    I heard back from my Smartsheet rep, and this is what I found out in case anyone else is wondering...

    “Only available to users in the owner’s account” refers to users who are manageable by your Smartsheet admin team.

    They are "internal" users as they are managed in the User Management portal in the admin portals.

    You can enable publishing or web forms for only internal users.

    They will be required to log in to access those links. 

    They can be any user type but need to be added to the account "roster" by the admin before viewing published items like sheets and web forms.