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Creating a Workspace with already shared sheets

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Hello everyone, 


So I would like to know wether I need to share a workspace that I have created with sheets that haave already been shared.


I have shared 2 x Inventory lists with the team (we are a small team so that was simple) however now that I have over 20sheets in my list I am creating workspaces to better collate similar and same type sheets.


I have added these two sheets into a Workspace 'Inventory Management' - both sheets have the same sharing properties to each team member. My question is do i now have to share the Workspace to continue their access, or will they still be abel to view the live and updated version of these sheets?


If I do share the workspace as a workspace with the 2 sheets 'inside' will they then double up on the sheets? ie, shared as a Sheet AND as a Workspace.




  • Greg Long
    Greg Long ✭✭
    edited 04/20/16

    No, you do not have to share the workspace in order to retain their sheet sharing permissions.  When you move the sheets into the newly created workspaces, you'll see .  Which means that there is a workspace containing individually shared sheets.


    I would, however, share the Workspace with them for efficiency on creating future sheets, as they will have access to the sheets created in the workspace at the workspace permission level you give them.  If you don't share the workspace with them, they won't see the new sheets you create unless you expressly share the sheet with them.


    Sharing the workspace will not duplicate any sheets.




  • Amye
    edited 04/20/16
    Thanks Greg, that makes total sense.

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