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Smartsheet for email management via Zapier


I would love to start a dialogue with anyone using Smartsheet as a case-management/CRM/email tracking tool. We will be moving to a true case management tool later this year, but in the meantime...we created a Smartsheet and are using Zapier to forward emails to create a line in the sheet. 


Trying to figure out the most effective way (fewest clicks) to respond from the sheet, or use Smartsheet somehow to log/track the conversation. Using Row Actions > Send or Send Update Request is not ideal b/c I don't want to include every column, but also don't want to have to click/unclick columns for every communication. Also, from what I can tell, the subject line and message are cannot be saved so I'd have to change those each time. 


Using email for the communication but copying the Zapier email adress would create a new line for each exchange, as far as I can tell...I'd like to keep the dialogue in one thread.


Any suggestions would be helpful, or anyone willing to chat about it as well.


Thanks in advance!


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