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Hello, I am looking for instructions on how to get smartsheet to backdate.

For example, I have a due date for a project and I want it to create auto create internal dates based off that. 

Essentially the end of the project drives the internal deadlines. 

I am set up to know how long each step takes in days

and I was using Predecessors.





  • Total stab in the dark, but is this what you're trying to do?  

    You can ignore Row 3 since it's from one of my templates.

    The basic idea is to use predecessors and have the first task have a finish to start dependency on the last task with a negative float of the total of all of the task durations.  

    I had to back into the start date of the last task using the scheduled finish date and duration, but everything else calculated.

    Wonder if something like this is even sustainable for a full project plan?  


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    There is an excellent Template in the Solution Center called: Project with Hard Deadline and Gantt.

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic day!


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