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I am wanting to create a workflow that will send a notification to a contact listed in a row without allowing access to the sheet itself.  Specifically, when I receive a notice to vacate from a resident in one of our apartment buildings, I would like to send them an acknowledgement that it was received when its added to the sheet and I check a box.  When I create the workflow, it provides access to the whole sheet.  I've tried sending the row as an attachment, but then it sends all columns when I only want a select few.  



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    You can send notifications to people who are not set as Viewers on a sheet. Check the configuration settings on workflow (the cog wheel). Then use conditions to filter to just the row for that apartment, or individual.  There are several ways to accomplish - do you need to track that the notification was sent?  This sometimes drives the method I choose.

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    Once you update your workflow settings, unrestricted is the best way to do this, then you can have a workflow that will email an acknowledgment to an individual from a Contact List cell. You will want to have a column that is a Contact List Type. Here you will put the persons email address, and then the workflow will send the notification to that email. You can restrict which columns, if any, are sent with the email. 


    To find the columns you want to send, or do not want to send, click on the 3 dots on the top right of the condition within the workflow. 


    The email will have a link that the other person can click on, but as long as they are not shared, they will not be able to see anything.

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    Here's where you change the settings.

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    I will do my best to frame the Q so that I can obtain a FABULOUS ANSWER.

    I am constructing my sheets in a way so that there are two columns. The first column is either a dropdown or a checkbox to signal another department to perform a specific task in a task list. For example, a techy in the IT department would like to know if a website domain was renewed and paid without the need for an email, chat line, or telephone call. 1) Is there a method to issue a notification to a bookkeeper in the FIN department as a viewer? 2) Once the bookkeeper viewer in the FIN department receives the notification to look up or perform a specific task, and completes the task, can a checkbox be clicked by the bookkeeper viewer in the FIN who clicks a "star" be sent back to display to the techy in the IT Department's sheet?

    Please be clear and concise with a foolproof (that's me) answer.