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I am working on a project that we are trying to DataMesh two individual Gantt schedules into one new worksheet together. I've not DataMeshed too much, but is this possible? I use a formula of "Row # + Site #" as my unique identifier for the config. I set up the config, and the first time I kept on getting errors, so I removed the predecessors, thinking that might've messed it up. But now just using basic information like Start/End Date and a description, the Config has been "Loading..." for 25+ minutes. So is it possible to DataMesh Gantt schedules, or is there something on the technical side preventing this?

To answer the obvious questions, for muddy reasons, we don't want to just manually copy/paste the two Gantt schedules into one Worksheet.

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    Hello Jason,

    For questions with errors that DataMesh is throwing, it's probably best to work directly with our Support Team:

    There are a few things you'd want to check, but the likeliest would be that when using a sheet with Dependencies enabled (Gantts are usually dependency enabled), there are two limitations (

    - End Date cells can't be updated via the API on Dependency enabled sheets

    - Start Date cells with a Predecessor also can't be updated via the API. 

    Basically, you can have a Start Date and a Duration when you sync it over. Smartsheet will automatically create the End Date for you. 

    See if you can only map the Start and Duration fields and then run the DataMesh again. If you run into further problems, I recommend submitting a ticket at the very top URL.