Rows lose custom order when using Jira connector

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Hello everyone,

I've been using Smartsheet to keep a timeline for my projects in Jira.

So far everything has been working great but I noticed an issue when reordering rows.

When I do this, after a few hours, the rows will return to their original order. I have contacted support and they tell me that if a bidirectional workflow is setup, reordering rows is not supported. 

I really need data to be synced bidirectionally as I have some automated rules in jira that keep track of start and end dates and I also sometimes manually change start and end dates in smartsheet.

Does anyone have a workaround for this?

I appreciate any input!


  • Hello,

    As you heard from Support this would be considered expected at this time. It's recommended to use Row Grouping to have rows sorted automatically with automated workflows. 

    Another solution would be to manually sort your sheet as desired, then in a new column assign a number value representing the order rows should be in. When the sheet is resorted by the connector, you can sort by the row ordering column to get the desired manually sorting. It's worth noting that this won't help with manual hierachy however.

    Please do feel free to submit an enhancement request for manual sorting capabilities with automated workflows here.

    Hope that other option helps for now.

    Kind regards,

    Nathan L.



  • Thank you Nathan, this is very helpful!