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Laura ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Is it possible to set up notifications to let someone know RIGHT AWAY when they have been assigned to a task thats in a sheet they're shared to?


I'm trying to avoid individually sending update requests in the beginning, and I'm trying to avoid sending everyone shared to the sheet a notification about a task that doesnt apply to them. Any advice or suggestions?




  • Jacob D
    Jacob D
    edited 10/31/16

    One way you could do this is create a new column with "Auto-Number/System" format (Created Date). You'll also need to make sure your 'Assigned to' or 'Person in Charge' column uses the Contact List format.


    Then you will need to set up a new reminder for the 'Assigned to' column based on the 'Created Date' column.

  • Phil Fuchs

    I believe this function is on the feature enhancement timeline as something which many users have requested including myself.  In the mean time I have implemented what you are asking for by adding Azuqua asan integrated application.  If you go to Smartsheet.com then Product then Apps & Integrations you find a list of applications that work with SmartSheet, one being Azuqua.  

    I use it on several of my sheets, for example. When a new row is added it sends out an immediate email to the email address notifing that a new task has been assigned. In another, it send out two emails if the assigned to is changed on any row. One to the new assigned to and the other the former assigned to letting both know of the change. I also have system send an email to the original user who created the row then the tasked is marked complete. Obviously I have created the necessary columns in Smartsheet to pull this data from. All of these emails (notifications) are sent out outomatically when the condition in Smartsheet occurs.

    Final comment, this solution is not free but doable.  I look forward to when it all can be handled in Smartsheet which hopefully is soon.

  • Laura
    Laura ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 11/07/16

    I tried this but it isnt updating

    Any other suggestions?

  • Jacob D

    Could you please show a screen shot of the dashboard you're talking about?


    Similar to what Phil is suggesting, there is also third-party application called Zapier that you can easily set this up in. I've personally used it for a few different projects, and it will let you send emails to specific fields. It's free if 100 'tasks' are run each month, and then $20 per month @ 3,000 tasks.

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