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Good morning,

My team is experimenting with publishing as our main source of sharing outside of our company. We want to do 2 main things with this option:

  1. Avoid having our clients downloading the app just to see one or two smartsheet resources we provide them
  2. Give them interaction with our smartsheets the most efficient way possible

Our resources we are giving them is a published sheet/grid and a published dashboard. Both are specific to them. The dashboard looks like a desktop version in the safari app on an iPhone and that works great for our purposes, but the sheet/grid does not seem to be editable on a phone without the smartsheet app (and we want it to be). If you have any advice on how to optimize the best experience with publishing smartsheet items that will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!


  • Billy Rock
    Billy Rock ✭✭✭✭

    To clarify my problem:

    When the publish link opens up in a web browser (both chrome and safari) it does not come up with the format we have on our sheet automatically. There is a button to click once into the published sheet. Once that button is clicked the sheet looks better, but nothing is interactive. Pictures of what I am talking about are attached and your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

  • Hi @Billy Rock,

    What you're experiencing is a known issue when working with Publish links in mobile browsers. This may come in handy for those who simply need to view data from a sheet but, as you found, accessing a published version of a Smartsheet item in a mobile browser doesn't offer the ability to make changes. I highly recommend Submitting a Product Enhancement Request to see if something can be implemented in a future release for a publish experience that mimics the desktop behavior in mobile browsers.



  • I know this originally issue was logged awhile ago, but I can't find anything recent describing this exact issue.

    The issue that Billy Rock describes is happening on a Windows 11 desktop PC. When the user clicks on the link from email it loads in app view on her desktop pc. There is no way for me to force the page to load in the correct web view, even when I copy and paste the publish URL into a web browser on win 11. I've confirmed/repro the behavior on 3 desktop pcs running win 11 now. Will log a bug, but this has me worried given how many users are on win 11.