Can I make a person an Admin on a report but make them only as an Editor or View on base sheet?

I have created multiple reports from a base sheet but do I am wondering if one person can have different access levels to sheet and base sheet.

I know they need access to the base sheet in order to view and edit information the report but I don't want them to have access to edit or share the base sheet.


  • Hello @Stacie Davis ,

    You can indeed have someone shared to a Report as an Admin, but only a viewer on the source Sheet(s).

    To see items in the Report, the user only has to have "Access" to the source Sheet(s), which can just be a viewer.

    You may wish to review this article regarding Permission Levels, and what this allows them to do within Sheets:

    Let me know if you have any questions!



  • The problem we ran into by having them as an admin on a report and only a view on the base sheet, it blocked them from being able to update columns that are unlocked for them to edit. I had to switch them back to Editor-cannot share in the base sheet and then they were able to input their data in the unlocked columns.

  • Gallen babes
    edited 12/01/20

    If you may confirm that both rows have information in them, but the buttons are nevertheless greyed out, it might be helpful to see a display screen seize of the sheet you are operating in however please block out any touchy information.

  • The issue has been resolved. the base report will continue to have columns hidden and being able to send an email with only the rows that need to be discussed instead of a chat conversation, the smartsheet notification can be customized for me to inform the BP not to use any links that may be provided in the notification.