RAG indicator options


Hi there community

I have a portfolio of several hundred projects being monitored and reported via dashboards and reports in Smartsheet. We are currently using RAG indicators against schedule as follows:

Red - Incomplete at reporting date or due date passed

Amber - at risk

Green - schedule within tolerances (+/- 10% variance)/on track

Blue - completed

Is there a way to obtain an additional RAG indicator colour to refine our advice on 'completed' items? Ideally we would like Blue to reflect projects which are completed in full, however an additional colour would then be used to reflect the completion of project work noting that outcomes/benefits continue to be monitored (i.e. retain some visibility at the board level over projects post-delivery).

A workaround we are currently testing is replacing our existing RAG indicators with text drop-downs and conditional formatting, so we get the same net outcome (i.e RAG status is reflected by the cell colour, and the wording selected by the user doesn't break existing formulae) and are able to add this colour to signify projects where work is completed but active monitoring of benefits/outcomes is ongoing.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

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