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Can you do if this then that for auto entry from drop down list

Steve Powers
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I want a column to chnge its value from a drop down list when a criteria is met.  What I am after is a column that is titled "ready for invoice" and is a check box.  I have another column named "currently assigned to"that shows the seperate departments on an account and it reflects which department is resposible for the account currently.  What I want is for it to auto pick "Accounting" from the list in that "currently assigned to" column when the tick box  in ready for invoice column is checked.   Is this possible?  I cant find anything like this in the commands or formulas (I dont fully understand the formulas however) or in conditional formatting which is where I expect it to be located.  I can turn the box in that column (or any in the row) to a certain color etc but not get it to pick an entry for me when this other box is ticked.  Any advise?


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