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I'm looking for a way where I can export a table from Smartsheet into a pre-set titleblock. If there's a way where I can print directly from Smartsheet and have the titleblock set up so it prints with the table, instead of just the logo and title that it's currently offered in the printing window.


  • Hi @Michelle Montiel

    I'm not quite sure I understand; can you post a screen capture example of what you're looking to do? (But please block out any sensitive data).

    You could potentially use the Document Builder feature to export one row into a document to re-format it, if that would help, but it sounds like you want to export the full sheet.



  • Hi Genevieve,

    Thank you for following up. I'm looking more at exporting a whole table into a setup sheet like in the attachment below, if that is possible, instead of doing it row by row. So being able to print it from Smartsheet into the titleblock that is set up.


  • Hi @Michelle Montiel

    No, there currently isn't a way of exporting the whole grid into a fillable PDF or other template to look like your image above, as far as I'm aware (please let our Product team know about your request through this form, here!)

    You would need to export the sheet first, then add it in to your template manually. (See: Export a Sheet or Report).



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