Transfer data from one sheet to another


I know SS has the "move to another sheet" or "copy to another sheet" but sadly it does not look like you can do that and have "cell links" from the blank form that you are going to copy data to , to do other items. Does anyone do any copy / pasting that is advanced and would have some suggestions?

Here is what I am doing

  1. Workspace one - Has a Sales Transition questionnaire in it. An example is it has 10 questions that you put a check box in if they purchased that item.

I then have another workspace that also has the answers to all has a sheet called "sales transition" that I want to move all the data from the form over to. I can do this step easily with the "copy to another sheet" The problem is in this new work space I want to then have cell links that say "if this box is checked, then check these boxes which will show things on a dashboard"

You can't do cell links because it keeps telling me "this sheet is blank" because I'm starting with a blank sheet, I can't try to fake it and put data in the first row , because again row 2 is blank then that all my data gets copied to and it wont let me cell link.....