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Smart Sheet Real Time Timer

Dave Deane
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I am looking to see if a timer function can be added to log accumulated hours and minutes on a specific task your working on real time, for aiding invoicing, and/or assessing daily/weekly productivity over a range of tasks.  Alternatively if a macro or VB script could be linked to a sheet for the same purpose?


  • Loann McGee
    Loann McGee ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Perhaps Travis or other SS peeps will have a better answer. The only tracking that I know of is in the Account Administration view within the Account area (top left of your Smartsheet page).

    You can view login history, but if you ask them to logout when they're done with a project, that can capture the time stamp.

    However, if they're switching between projects within SS I'm not aware of a time stamp in that regard.

    I hope to be wrong, as that would be a fantastic thing to have for time-tracking.



  • One complex way of doing it is as following different steps


    Sheet will have start-date-time, end-date-time , project , contributor, project-related work-description ,


    Implement One Clcik Update to update start-date-time for the project for contributor.

    Implement One Clcik Update to update end-date-time for the project for contributor.


    Contributor of project can use this one click method to start and stop working on project.

    This will create log records into sheet for the work performed for specific project by specific contributor with begin and end date-time.


    Then use reports to find summary of timesheet data you are looking for.


    One click update information is provided by Travis and Geoff Kennedy at the following link



  • Robin Hood

    I have also asked about this feature. It would be very useful also in helping to learn how to make better estimates. See the timer function in FogBugz by Fog Creek Software. Click on a task to start working on it. Click it again to stop the timer.

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