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Dashboard Improvement general post: for specific features find the related idea instead

Modestly, I create beautiful dashboards and the team likes it. It helped a lot to spread Smartsheet within our company. But it is still very limited in terms of design possibilities. The visual aspect is very important for engagement and there is no way to compare it with other dashboard apps that we have on the market, much more visually interesting. Someone always asks me to make a dashboard like the one he already has in Power BI, for example. It's frustrating for the user when I reply that there's no way, in Smartsheet. I'm a huge fan of Smartsheet and I'm sure this would drive general acceptance. It is necessary to allow figures for drawings; create frames on elements; configure the background with more than white or gray (but including images); overlay elements and create extra effects; more types of graphics; gauges; and other frame types for metrics.

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We have a couple of product teams dedicated to the Dashboards capability in Smartsheet. Empowering our users to create more engaging and aesthetically pleasing dashboards is one of our top priorities. We are working on this right now and expect to iteratively release enhancements throughout 2023.



  • Agreed! The importance of design elements for adoptability & visual communication cannot be dismissed, but many essential features of Dashboards are lacking. Dynamic date ranges, automated publishing (as in Sheets), built-in analysis, interactive/easily editable text widgets, etc. The list is long. I am currently facing a project where we would like to use Smartsheet, but other available tools' dashboards are so much more engaging that we may shift our underlying database for that end-user convenience.

  • Dan Cliff
    Dan Cliff ✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/05/23

    Completely agree - some focus on modern graph and widget styling would be terrific,.

    I like using gauges on my dashboards, but currently putting it together is a bit hacky and tricky, something simple like a fuel-gauge style gauge that we can configure with ranges and colours so we only need to feed in a single report, rather than a modified pie chart that we need to calculate in a helper sheet.

    Some calendar widgets would also be a fantastic addition to more easily display project gate clearances and due dates.

  • Macorne
    Macorne ✭✭✭✭

    Glad this is on the 2023 roadmap. I would also like to see:

    The ability to web link (embed) a smartsheet dashboard within a dashboard, without showing the header bar. This could enable changes on the original dashboard to flow through without extra work.

    The ability to carry over brand colors, and have a custom color set that will always populate when you create a dashboard. I spend a lot of time copy/pasting hex#

    +1 on the ability to overlay tiles, or not have the required 1 box spacing between widgets.

    Non rectangular widget options

    Slicers to add to charts, to filter data in the charts

  • I agree strongly as well. My company has standardized letterheads and pdf templates that I would like to set as backgrounds on dashboards and reports.

  • I'm 110% in support of this post. I love the power of the dashboard, and see it as one of the most powerful tools to improve our operation.

    It's "Measuring what Matters" on display, live.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 04/06/23

    Hi all,

    A number of Dashboard enhancements have been released!

    • Custom background colors for dashboards
    • Custom background colors for widgets
    • Image widget display settings
    • Expanded font library

    Check out the Announcement Post here.

    Please continue to provide your feedback on Dashboards and other Smartsheet features here in the Product Idea area. It's most helpful when we have votes on specific requests (such as this other idea specific to Dashboard Backgrounds) so we can update individual statuses as needed.

    For example, here are some other threads that relate to some of the discussions here:



  • Hi. We have a solution called Smarter Dashboards that can create dynamic views with multiple filters using your Smartsheet data. Different users will see only the data relevant to them, which you can control through an admin sheet. See the demo here:

    Drop me a line at [email protected] if you'd like to have a chat about it.

    Thanks, James

    CTO, Smarter Business Processes

  • So many industries and projects can benefit themselves from Dashboards, which are no longer just a visual of reporting but actually summarize and engage their stakeholders with relevant and live information with an integral overview and result-driven focus.

    Catalina Giraldo

    PM /BA

  • Also , we should be able to choose a Landscape orientation instead of just Portrait.

    Also we should be able to do a chart for the sheets summary and not be obligated to create a report - its just so frustrating

  • Sarah Franklin
    Sarah Franklin ✭✭✭
    edited 08/04/23

    Any time spent correcting the report widget sizing is too much time spent. All of our project managers have to constantly (meaning daily) change the size of report widgets to match the reportable content. Before all meetings where any dashboard will be viewed, someone has to take the time to go make sure it's fixed before those meetings begin. When users are scrolling adverse within the widget, we should have an auto sizing option.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi all,

    More Dashboard updates have been released! Here's the announcement on our newest Dashboard enhancements.

    I've edited the title of this post to clarify that if you have a specific idea relating to Dashboards please find that related idea instead (or create a new idea with that request if it doesn't exist).

    We're tracking generic feedback on this post but it's best if the ideas are posted individually so we can update separate statuses.

    If you don't see a previous note you had on this thread, I moved some of the comments on to existing Idea posts that had a more accurate title.

    Here are examples of individual ideas that currently exist in other threads: