MS Teams - Add SmartSheet Tab Permissions

Good Day,

We have several users no longer able to add SmartSheet to MS Teams tabs who are presented with an Admin Grant Permissions button when they try. I did a lot of reading yesterday, going through the discussions and recommended settings.

As I understand it, as of now, according to this article:

The app now requires tenant wide admin consent instead of the read only powers initially set up. Then this article,

states: "As an Azure Administrator, navigate to the Azure Portal > Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications > Security > Consent and permissions to Allow user consent for apps. This would affect all apps on our tenant.

These permissions wildly overstep what was needed in the past and appear to be intentional. So can someone please explain why these wide ranging permissions are necessary just to add a tab to Teams? Something we were able to do seamlessly prior to these amendments with read only permissions on the app.

The documents above say that the above permissions are not permanent and there will be adjustments made. I'd like to get a sense of what is needed today, any time line on adjustments, the reason why such deep permissions are required all of a sudden and what, if anything, will be amended in the future.

Thank you.