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Dashboard Charts - Secondary Axis, additional data points, target line

Hello - It would be nice if we could add a secondary axis to charts to show additional data points in one chart. Attached is an example of this ability in excel.

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Expanding our charts and chart options is of great interest. Our current focus is to make Dashboards easier to create and more aesthetically pleasing. We plan to make updates to our charting capabilities down the line as well, so please keep providing your feedback to help us understand how you're using charts.



  • JWent
    JWent ✭✭
    edited 02/09/23

    Hi - I have seen multiple requests to add the ability to use different chart types within a data set going back in time, yet have not seen any promising responses.

    The dashboard that is needed to show progress similar to what Ben outlines is not possible given this limitation. We are trying to get teams to move towards using SmartSheet for reporting, yet we cannot visualize it in a dashboard (like a graph in Excel).

  • Nicolas Roucher
    edited 02/09/23

    I would like on the same graph , one serial in bar chart and the other in line.

  • Great idea to allow for more robust charting capabilities in SmartSheet!

  • This request certainly has my vote as was a suggestion i shared last year.