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Dashboard Charts - Secondary Axis, additional data points, target line



  • I agree that this would be a very valuable addition to dashboards.

  • Has there been any update on combining different chat types on same axis?

  • has there been any feedback on the combo charts?

  • Need combo / multi-axis charts!

  • Stacked Bark Chart improvement suggestion. Center the values instead of at the end. Makes it really confusing to read and I know that leadership is going to ask for this as soon as they see it. To the point where I'm hesitant to show them the Dashboard.

    Another vote to improve the chart functions!! If you could provide similar charting functions as found in Excel, it would avoid having to export data and create charts in a different program. Really steals the thunder from Dashboards if I have to export data to use another program.

  • mksmith3
    edited 02/20/24

    Another example of chart improvement. Column chart option lets you see all the possible options in the legend even if the result is zero. That's great since you can then decide on the color options for the legend. However, if you select a different chart option like donut, the legend only gives you results with values. That means you have to constantly monitor the dashboard to add/modify the colors for the legend. Very confusing for end users when the colors don't match up and the smartsheet owner cannot pre-select the colors before "valued" results are shown.