Can free users generate documents with Document Builder?



I'm a licensed admin and I created a Document Builder template and added the field mapping. I'm wondering if unlicensed users will be able to right click on a row and generate documents using the existing template/mapping I created?


  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Julia C Peterson

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    Unfortunately, no, they won't because they need a license to be able to generate the Document.

    Who can use this capability?

     The Owner, Admins, and Editors can attach generated documents to rows in the sheet. Anyone with access to the sheet can generate documents and download the documents to their device. A license is required.

    I hope that helps!

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  • Julius W
    Julius W ✭✭
    edited 08/24/22

    Will this ever be changed? It doesn't do me any good for others to just attach documents. If I need to create it I'll attach it myself since that is built into part of the creation process. At that point attaching it is already done.

    I need them to generate them too. I'm licensed and created the fillable document to be used, and mapped it. They only need to now click on generate and send the document. I can't understand why you have to pay for a license to generate if the user has editor/admin rights to the sheet. I can understand regarding adding a new document to map for it, but not to just click generate an existing form.

  • Zach Wiechmann

    I agree. Running into the same issue with our system. What I have done in the interim is created an automation that creates a document when a job status field is updated. The document is then automatically attached under the row/entry and the user is then able to download/review the file as necessary.

    Would be of GREAT benefit if unlicensed users could generate documents on their own, but hopefully that might help with your needs.

  • Erick Maldonado

    I think that you should split this functionality in two:

    a) The document builder and mapping functionality only to license

    b) Generate document for the other users (Admin or Edit)

    It's weird that currently we don´t have these features, because Smartsheet it's very intuitive and follows a logical functionality.