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Dynamic dropdowns - Waterfall request

Ian Cooper
Ian Cooper ✭✭✭✭

The Contact List, Dropdown (Single Select), and Dropdown (Multi Select), are useful tools to control data entry. The problem is they require a lot of maintenance.

Through Bridges, we have a sheet that is populated with information from our ADP. It contains all of our employees. Using a Contact List column and selecting the range of emails on the Employee sheet, as values would be very useful.

Moving to the dropdown column, it would be helpful if we could set some defined values, but if a new value is entered, have that value added into "values" for that dropdown column.

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  • Olen Ronning

    We love the idea of dynamic dropdowns and are interested learning about different scenarios related to populating dropdown fields from a central data source, dynamically updating them, and supporting cascading or conditional logic based on the selection made. For those that are interested, we would love learn more about your specific needs and how this feature would work best for you. You can schedule time to connect with me at:

  • Hunter Brawn
    edited 09/12/22

    I have a drop-down list whose options I would like to populate from another column in the same table (Parent/Child accounts in a customer database). Is that possible?

    Responding to the comment above mine : That logic exists within Forms, have you tried creating an assignment form?

  • Deanna Copello

    is there a work-around for those that do not have the ability to create datatable and NOT us a form?

  • Katie B
    Katie B ✭✭✭

    Would like to have data in one column dictate the possible data that can be added to another column and continue that filtering until you are able to access the data desired.


    Job Family -> Job Discipline -> Skills

    The ability to select a job family that then lists the associated job disciplines, and the job disciplines allows me to select the appropriate skills for my form or sheet.

  • James Fischer

    I believe this can be done in Sharepoint Lists/Dataverse + Microsoft Power Apps. You could build your form using that system, then send the data to your Smartsheet grid or access via a connector, bridge or data shuttle, maybe? Just an idea until Smartsheet enables this.

  • Scott McNeill

    I would love to see Dynamic Dropdowns implemented as well. I have a need to track data classified by Functional Area and then the Workstream associated with that area, it would be very helpful to have the values in Workstream filtered based on what is selected in Functional Area. Thank you!

  • SJGaffney

    This would be a very useful tool to be able to select a work type for instance in one column and based on the answer in this column, a sub-work type can then be selected from the next column limited to those related to the selection from the first column.