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Formula Entry Formatting

I'd like to suggest an enhancement for the formula bar in Smartsheet. As it stands, users are unable to expand the formula bar or input/format multi-line formulas directly. This limitation is particularly challenging when dealing with complex formulas, where keeping track of parenthesis pairings and overall structure is crucial.

Currently, the only workaround is to draft formulas in a separate editor and then paste them into the formula bar. However, this method results in the loss of any formatting once the formula is saved, which can lead to errors and confusion.

Therefore, I propose allowing the formula bar to be expandable and capable of accepting direct multiline input with formatting retention. This change would significantly enhance the user experience, especially for those of us dealing with intricate formulas, by improving readability and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Which is easier to understand when you are keeping track of multiple levels of nesting and arguments?

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