Has anyone used smartsheet to manage time-off requests and/or vacation for a pool of staff (approx. 200)?



Ours is quite simple:

Employee submits a Smartsheet form that contains:

1) Department

2) Name

3) Vacation Days (you don't actually need this if you do =Networkdays(start date, end date)

4) Start Date

5) End Date

6) Notes

Then this goes into a sheet in grid form, and can be viewed as Calendar.  This calendar can be imported to Outlook.  You can color code the different department if you wish, to make sure you don't have too many people off in one department.


Hi Jason,

You can find a great template as a starting point in the Solution Center.

It's called: Template: Team Vacation Planner.

Hope that helps!

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting