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One sheet, diffrent collaborators

Melanie Dam
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts


We would like to use one sheet/workspace. This sheet with be used by different collaborators with different permissions:

1. On Site;

2. Engineering;

3. Project Management.

I would like to make one column with the above mentioned. When i add a task to (for example) onsite. I only want them to see the task for On Site, so the tasks for engineering and project management should be not visible when they open the sheet.

Working with a filter is not an option, as onsite can see the tasks for engineering and Project management. 

I am looking forward receiving your solution. 





  • Brandy S. PVD
    edited 06/14/17

    This solution involves creating multiple reports.  But it will not require you to update multiple sheets regularly to provide new information to your collaborators.

    You could create a report for each department and publish it.  Then send the link to each department. 

    This will enable each department to see their information without having to share them to the sheet that houses all three departments information. 

    The report will always be updated with saved changes from your origin sheet. 



  • Hi Brandy,

    Thank you for your answer. With your solutions our different teammembers still can see eachothers tasks. For example it is for them not necessary that we have to buy a component for x price.

    Do you know if it's possible that you've only see a row, when you have permission to see it?



  • Reports are a feature within Smartsheet and do not require a third party component or any additional costs if you are on a Team plan or higher. 

    Reports pull information from other sheets to only show the information that you specify. But the information in a report will only be visible to collaborators who are shared to the sheet from which the information is being pulled.  You can publish a report and this will give access to those who are not shared to the "origin" sheet, since you do not want all departments to see into other departments these seems like the best option to me.  

    If you do not care that departments can see each others tasks, but just don't want them to have to search for their own tasks, you can share everyone to the origin sheet and their report while specifying that you only want them to view their report for their tasks. This alleviates the need to publish the report.  

    Here are some articles from Smartsheet on reports, sharing and sending reports, and publishing Smartsheet items to help better understand the functionality of this feature. 




    Hope this helps.




  • Hi Brandy,

    Again thanks for you help. Please see the upload from a organogram which i have made. Hopefully this will help in finding a solution for my problem. 

    I want the collaborators to work also in their own sheet, that joins all together in one overall sheet. Therefore they can only work and see their own tasks.

    Once again, thanks for your help!



    170615 smartsheet.png

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