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Sync Automation Edits Across Multiple Sheets

I have a workspace that I use for all cross functional teams, internally and externally, for all active projects. Each active project has it's own project specific sheet. If I edit an automation on one sheet, there is no way to copy that same edit to another sheet without copying the entire sheet and starting over.

Ex: Sheet 1) Automation that sends email notification to "Assigned To" when Row is added/edited. Say I edit that to only send the email notification to the "Assigned To" if the task is not already marked as COMPLETE, and I want that same edit for all of the other sheets in the workspace (I have as many as 20 active project sheets at a time). I now have to edit all 20 sheets automations individually. I'd like to be able to "Copy Automations" from one sheet to another without having to start a new sheet to do it.

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