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Auto-Revoke/Cancel Update Request

I have an [Assigned to] contacts column with multiple contacts per cell allowed.

Based on certain criteria I have a workflow setup to send an "Update Request" to all of the contacts in [Assigned to].

However, I only require 1 (one) of the contacts to provide the requested update (as they chose based on their availability).

Typically, when an "Update Request" has been updated and submitted by a single user, their "Update Link", if tried again, will say that this has already been completed or cancelled by the sheet owner.

This is true also when sent to multiple contacts, but only on an individual basis. All other contacts may also Update and Submit (not necessarily noticing the already updated cells) and will thus overwrite.

Locking the entire row is not an option for me.

I need a workflow that will cancel/revoke all other "Update Requests" for a single row once any one update has been posted.

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