Nominate Peak Humans & get a badge!

Rebeca S.
Rebeca S. Employee Admin
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Hi Smartsheet Community,

We loved learning about what operating at your peak looks like for you, and now, we want to give you the opportunity to recognize and celebrate others, and earn cool badges as you do it 😉

The Operate at Peak Human campaign is a celebration of humanity. Recognize someone who does a great job in any facet whether it’s parenting or giving back to their community – take a minute to nominate them in the comments below.

Not only do all nominators and nominees receive a special badge but we'll also be celebrating nominees in a fun way. Stay tuned for more details.

Nominee Badge

Receive this when you get nominated by others

Nominator Badge

Receive this when you nominate someone

How to Nominate Peak Humans

Already have a Peak Human in mind? Nominate them  🎉🎉

  • Nominate a Peak Human by tagging them, and telling us why you’re nominating them in the comments below.  (Photos encouraged but not necessary.)
  • Nominate as many people as you’d like.
  • Everyone that is nominated will get the Peak Human badge — as long as they have a Community account —  and everyone that nominates someone will get the Operate at Peak Human badge.
  • Keep an eye on our Smartsheet social media channels for other ways to celebrate your fellow Peak Humans.

Join us in this celebration of humanity, and start nominating NOW!


  • You can nominate people that are not in the Community, just share their name instead of tagging them, and tell us why you’re nominating them.
  • You can’t nominate yourself. 


  • I would like to nominate @David Sterkel. David's unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement within the PMO and Tri Counties Bank is truly commendable. His work is a testament to his dedication and passion, and he certainly exemplifies what it means to operate at peak human capacity. His contributions have not only propelled the organization forward but also created a positive impact on the community. It's individuals like David who truly make a difference. He deserves to be recognized for his remarkable work!

  • cbredehoeft
    cbredehoeft ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would like to nominate @Mary Vallianatos as a leader who embraced Smartsheet with an all hands in approach. Mary has supported the initiative to integrate Smartsheet based on my recommendations and supporting the efforts across the department

  • malbers
    malbers Overachievers

    I would like to nominate @melissa.garcia, her industriousness knows no bounds! My sheets wouldn't be the same without her. She is a problem solver and creative thinker who operates with a kind and thoughtful approach. IYKYK!

  • OCSC
    OCSC ✭✭

    I would like to nominate @Ray Lindstrom who is my go-to for help whenever I get stuck. He's always willing to take the time to help others.

  • A.J.
    A.J. ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would like to nominate @Candice Kwiatkowski for being an awesome person. She is always helpful, thoughtful, kind, and is a great listener when I come to her with SmartSheet questions as well as problems of the "rest of the work world." If there was a "Peak Everything"award, Candice should get it!

  • I would like to nominate 3 of my teammates for for the Peak Human badge. While everyone on the team uses Smartsheet, @Sarah Taylor , @Ashley Boere and @Marisa Almas are experts at finding ways to use the tools in innovative and creative ways.

    With their solutions we have saved so much time for staff, error proofed processes and created amazing dashboards to share information to the organization. ⌚️🛑🤑

  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan Overachievers

    I would like to nominate @Brian_Richardson. I found a presentation he made at an Overachievers meetup extremely useful and resonated with what I was trying at the time. When I pestered him for more details and advice afterwards, he was extremely forthcoming, and he's just an all-round good guy! I've stumbled across many useful posts on the Community pages, and when I see the author it's usually Brian. Kudos to Brian and his oracle-like knowledge of Smartsheet!