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More than one Baseline + Comments

Dear all,

To enhance Smartsheet as a comprehensive PM Application, my company and I find that a crucial feature, baseline management, currently needs to be added. While the ability to set baselines is valuable, the limitation of only being able to set one baseline is a constraint. We propose the implementation of a feature that allows the creation of multiple baselines with distinct names. This would be particularly useful for scenarios where the project scope changes, and setting and saving a new baseline with a different name for traceability becomes essential.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to include a feature that allows users to add text comments each time a baseline is modified, providing details such as the change number and description. A similar feature is already available in MS Project, and we would like to see a comparable implementation in Smartsheet.

Your consideration of these enhancements would greatly contribute to the effectiveness of Smartsheet as a Project Management tool.


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