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Data Shuttle: update a checkbox in the source sheet to indicate success


Currently, Data Shuttle efficiently migrates data from Smartsheet to SharePoint, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Box, & as a Smartsheet Attachment. This Providing a seamless integration between the two platforms. However, one aspect that could enhance user experience and workflow efficiency is the ability for Data Shuttle to automatically update a checkbox in the source sheet to indicate that data has been successfully migrated.

This inclusion of would offer several benefits:

  1. Automated Tracking: Users can easily track the migration status of their data within Smartsheet without the need for manual intervention.
  2. Streamlined Workflow: By automating the update process, users can save time and effort spent on manually marking data as migrated.
  3. Improved Visibility: Having a clear indication of which data has been migrated directly within the source sheet enhances visibility and promotes better decision-making.

I propose that Data Shuttle be equipped with the capability to trigger an event or update a designated column (e.g., a checkbox column) in the source sheet upon successful data migration. This functionality would provide users with a comprehensive solution for managing their data migration processes seamlessly within Smartsheet.

I believe this enhancement aligns with Smartsheet's commitment to empowering users with efficient and intuitive tools. I'm excited about the potential of this feature to further enhance the Data Shuttle experience and would appreciate your consideration of this request.

Thank you for your attention to this suggestion. I look forward to hearing feedback from the Smartsheet team and the broader community.

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