Proofing Column Auto-updating

Rebecca Pobutkiewicz
edited 04/18/24 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi: I've just started using proofs and I have the columns added to my sheet including the "pending approval from" column. When I sent the proof out, I can clearly see the names of the invited individuals there, but when I added a new individual today, using the proofing panel to invite them, the "pending approval from" column didn't update to include their name. I know their approval is still pending because I can see that on the proofing panel. How do I get the sheet column to update? Also, when I played around with the setting in the proof panel, I removed the "pending review from" column and then readded it, which added a new column "pending review from2" (as expected), but the new column only contained the name of the newly added individual, the other individual who still was pending didn't get added to the new column. What am I missing about this feature?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Rebecca Pobutkiewicz

    If you have the "Pending Approval From" column already in your sheet, then you add a new reviewer to a current Proof, that column should automatically update to add that other collaborator into the cell. It can take a few minutes so you many need to refresh the sheet to see the change.

    As a note, you may also need to use Wrap Text on the column to see all the reviewers in one cell (otherwise their names flow to the right of the cell and are hidden).

    Let me know if this helped or not! If it hasn't please capture a screen recording of what your sheet looks like before and after adding a new reviewer, then submit this to Smartsheet Support with the sheet url so they can investigate this with you in a private channel.

    Thank you!