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Admin Center | Reporting Enhancements with Filters and Data Selection


It would be great for Admins to be able to create customized reporting through the Admin Center. Ideally, it would be a dream to bring in different types of data and filters - that way you can run a report for exactly what you need. If you have used many ERP reporting solutions, you have this option to drag and drop in what data fields you want to see and filters - likes dates, users, types etc.

This will help solve issues for large companies with long-time users. For instance, to run a Sheet Access report for a large company it will not work because the report is way too large. It would be great to have filter options like Owned assets only, or filter in or out certain users.

Another enhancement you can add to a solution like this - is that instead of the data getting emailed to the Admin and then downloaded to a zip file - instead, have it dropped right into a Smartsheet for the Admin to review with much more ease!

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