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Attached Documents and Conflicted Copies

On occasion, our functional teams need to edit/add/subtract information from documents attached to specific project lines. The version history information helps us untangle the “conflicted copy” mess we get into sometimes and it seems that Smartsheet isn’t in business to become a document management system. Minimally, it would be nice to know at the time you download an attachment, when the last number of downloads happened and who they were downloaded to. At least that would give our teams a name to contact to coordinate the updates. We have a decent document revision nomenclature policy, but that still doesn’t help when two people are working on the same revision at the same time without knowing it. Any thoughts?


  • You could submit a discussion for the person to fill in who they were downloaded to


  • Travis
    Travis Employee


    Justin, are you and your team Google users? Google Docs would be a great way to solve your issue. Rather than using MS Word, add all your documents to Google Docs then attach them to your sheets.  With Google Docs, your users can click on the attachment in Smartsheet and will be brought to the Google Doc, where multiple users can work on it in real time with each other. They will never have to worry about what version they are on or reattaching the file back to Smartsheet. Google Docs does require an internet connection but you could always download the Doc, make your changes, then copy and paste the changes into Google Docs if you need to work on it where you do not have internet.

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