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Printing of Web Forms

Maria Hallums
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The Maryland State Department of Education would like to transition the Notice of Grant Award process from manual entry to collecting requests via a Smartsheets web form. 

A requirement of this process would be to recieve signature and initialed approvals on a paper printout of the form after it has past through each approval path. 


Does anyone know if we would be able to customize the printing format of a smartsheets web form?  


Thanks to anyone who is able to offer feedback on printing web forms! 




Maria Hallums

Executive Associate to Monica Kearns

Fiscal and Policy Note Coordinator

Division of Business Services

Maryland State Department of Education

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  • Hi Maria,


    I would suggest using Smartsheet Merge to automatically create printable docs from the row data that is submitted via web form. Then, you could circulate these docs for signature and just attach them back to the row! 

  • Ryan Woodruff
    edited 04/22/15

    I'd love to find a way to do something similar, only with an electronic signature on the webform to avoid printing. 


    If you have a form that requires multiple signatures, you can attach the form to Smartsheets and use Docu-Sign integration to get it signed by everyone. The fully executed form then is automatically attached back to the Smartsheet row. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge2V1GfMvjA&feature=youtu.be 

  • Jeremy Michels
    Jeremy Michels ✭✭✭✭✭

    Use the DocuSign. It is amazing. Easy to manage and gives you a system to track Who has what and when. It attaches the document Attached in your sheet when complete. It is secure and legal. I use it for many facets of my company. 

  • Jeremy Michels
    Jeremy Michels ✭✭✭✭✭

    The other feature is the firm is a firm you can design and make more your own. It won't look like a form from  Smartsheet. It is more detailed and instructive if needed. Also you can edit the form as needed if there was an error. 

  • I didn't know about Smartsheet Merge, so thanks for the tip, Alex. 


    What I am hearing is 


    1. Use the Smartsheet Merge feature to combine data from Smartsheet into a Google Docs.

    2. Customize the layout in Google Docs to add the "sign here" blocks.

    3. Print and distribute the Google Docs for review and approval.

    4. After a signature, scan the printed document into a pdf and then attach back into Smartsheet.


    Sweet. I wish I had a paper trail to automate so I can try this out.


    I have worked for state government before, and docu-sign is not an immediate solution.  Unless there is a pre-approved vendor solution, you'd have to spend hours and hours meeting with the agency lawyers. 



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