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Is there anyone that would be willing to work with me on the phone to work through this issue:

I've created a sheet that has over 40 columns - it's my "master" sheet that feeds a bunch of reports that will be utilized by different areas.  One of the areas prefers to work in the edit form to see the information vertically rather than in the horizontal report format.  However, when you right click on a row and use the edit feature it still shows all of the column fields from the master sheet not just the info I pulled for the report.

I have locked many of the columns and put all their needed columns to the far left so they show first but really don't need them seeing everything and getting overwhelmed by the amount of data.

The sheet is a combination of contact information, checkboxes and drop downs for "routing" and several "value" columns where I need to capture counts on different areas.  

I thought about trying to create multiple sheets instead of reports but am not sure I could successfully link all the right data.

Hope that makes sense.  My workspace is currently dummy data so if anyone is willing to help me out I can share it and maybe talk through some of this.





  • Hello—

    Currently, the only way to hide information from someone is to put that information on a sheet that they're not shared to.

    Your idea of cell-linking needed data from a source "master sheet" to a destination sheet that is shared with the right person is one way to accomplish this, although cell-linking is a manual process, and does come with limitations. More information on cell-linking is available in the help center:

    Another idea is to create individual sheets as needed with only the necessary information,  then YOU can create a report for yourself that serves as the "master view." More on reporting is available in the help center:

  • This is what I was looking for too.

    I'd like to be able to share just 1 row horizontally (ideally being able to click the Edit Feature (wish it just had a view option) and using that link in a workbook for everyone to use. This is share cross-fictionally so being able to just share that one would is ideal.

    I don't want them to have access to the entire master sheet but just that one row.

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    Hi Nicole,

    A solution that could be perfect is the premium add-on, Dynamic View. Is that an option?

    I hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic day!


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