Clock Hour Progress Management


My name is James Smith. I am an Instructor for Gateway Community College in Phoenix, AZ.

I am Looking for alternative methods to track time as student’s progress through our courses.

I am not looking for a time management system, just a tool to enter a student’s hours into a spreadsheet or software to help me manage their progress. We already have a time management system in place but lacks some tools designed for clock hour schools.

Our School is a clock hour school. Not like the traditional credit hour model.

Even a simple spreadsheet would be helpful. We are calculating everything by hand right now.

I am looking for a spreadsheet or software to help automate progress reporting. Like if a student requests a report on how many how of progress he or she has currently and how many hours they need to make up to bring their progress to 100% if they missed any school days or are short hours.

Example: Let’s say a class is 66 hours long. The student misses some hours or days and needs to make up the hours. The time frame of the class is a start date and end date of 6 hours per day on a M-Thurs schedule. So, the class is 11 total days and when they reach the end date the class closes so they can’t make up time anymore for that class. See where I’m going with this?

Any information and guidance would be very much appreciated!

Thank You,

James Smith


  • This question is very broad and you may want to pay for consulting services. However, I'll respond with an answer that's just as vague. 

    First, identify your process (who is doing it, when are they doing it, how often are they doing it, does it ever get reviewed, what you're going to do with it, etc).

    Second, identify how you're going to track it. Smartsheet has a lot of tools to do this. My assumption is that every class will need its own sheet (for many reasons). Further, I'm going to assume you'll want teachers to use Smartsheet Forms as a basic way to enter data. Moreover, you're going to want to use formulas to track count the number of unique students, sum each students hours, etc. which will all be automatically calculated after the initial setup. Finally, you're going to likely want each student to have their own Dashboard and Report to see what % they're at and how many hours they need for each class. Each teacher, department head, dean, any stakeholder can also see summaries of this information to see how things are going. 


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