Access (visibility and the option to edit) to SOME rows in a sheet

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First, thanks for members of this forum, you’ve been a great help!

I have one main sheet where all (different) legal tasks are listed to help the legal team manage the work load. Only the legal team has access to this sheet. One of the departments however, requires visibility of their related tasks, therefore I have created another sheet just for them (rows and columns are the same as in the main sheet). Some cells in their sheet are updated automatically using formulas not used in the main sheet and also that department has the option to update some of the rows/cells.

This department’s tasks needs to appear also on the main sheet.

As I don’t want to grant that department access to my main sheet or having to manage two sheets (and input similar entries into both), I was wondering if there is a way to share part of the main sheet or specific rows with them (marked with a that department’s name in a designated column in the main sheet).

I was thinking of copying rows from the main sheet (by linking), but not sure if this is relevant; or can be done automatically – without me needing to apply any rules/copy by linking of new rows in the main sheet.

Thanks for your help in advance!


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