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Change Management Solution

Does anyone use Smartsheet for Change Management scheduling?  We are in the process of creating a change management committee and are currently housing our Change requests in Lotus Notes Database.... Which is less than desirable.

Trying to see how we could use Smartsheet to accomplish this...  


Anyone currently doing this or have any ideas of how we could do this?  




  • Yeah we use it for things like that... Which is what I was thinking would be best.. but just wanted to see if there were others who might already have designed a sheet/template to do it with....  THANK YOU for your response!

  • Check out the Website Change Request Tracker template in the template gallery. It is a basic template but might give you some good ideas!


    You might also check out the project management solution in the solution center: https://www.smartsheet.com/pm-solutions/project-task-management

  • Maybe not the same field, but anyway.

    We currently use Smartsheet for LEAN project registration and management.

    - Input (new projects/change requests) is captured via a webform in the main sheet.

    - The main sheet contains additional columns for the program manager and for use in reports

    - Then we created some reports which provide data about ongoing projects for stakeholders and all employees.


    Hope this gives you some ideas.


    Ahh, right, the tracker templateSmile. Did not see this when I started with my solution. 

    In addition to the template, I also added a column for the project ID (multiple LEAN projects) and in the form provided a link to a sheet with the ID's.

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