Build Gantt Chart based on JIRA User Stories Story Points estimations

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User story in Jira are estimated in Story Points (0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21...) where each story point can be mapped to ideal days range such as a

0.5 story point = 1d,

1 story point: =2d

2 story points = 3d

3 story points = 5d


Theoretically it is possible to build a gantt chart of the N user stories as follow

User story 1: start date | end date (=user story 1 story points converted to days + start date)

User story 2: start date (=story 1 end date) | end date (user story 2 story points converted to days  + start date)

User story 3: start date (=story 2 end date) | end date (user story 3 story points converted to days + start date)


User story N: ...


Practically i don't know how End Date can be changed automatically in SS through story points conversion

Start and End dates and duration become read-only if dependencies is enabled in Project Settings

Another issue how can I get real Start Date updated in Jira (value should be the date when state changes to in progress in this case)

What is the best practice to build a Gantt chart of user stories estimated of only Story Points

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  • IanN
    IanN Employee

    Hi NKH,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Currently there isn't a way to use custom formulas in any of the Project Settings columns as those already have calculations running in the background on Project Sheets: Note: if your sheet doesn't have Dependencies enabled, you could use custom formulas, but you then wouldn't be able to use the Gantt chart. 

    If you did want to go the custom formula route, you could use a Nested IF formula ( to calculate your duration based on Story Points. You would then need to manually input those into the Duration field though. 

    Also, while it's not exactly the same as your question, I found a similar post from another of our employees, Scott Willeke, here: This might give you an alternative idea how to handle tasks. 

    Hope that helps!


  • NKH

    Thank you Ian,

    I saw this link before and it didn't look to me as a straightforward solution and I didn't know if SS has implemented it as was suggested there. I will try to look into it again. And as one who is learning SS, I do appreciate If I get someone  to follow the process with me to get it set up correctly...


  • Andy Johnson

    Hey NKH,

    Just wondering if you found a work-around for mapping Story Points to time.

    I've tried ingesting Story Points into both Duration and a standard Text/Number column, but in both instances what pulls from Jira and is populated in SS isn't the same - 1 Point ingests as either 480d or 230400 respectively.