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We use a checklist with 340 lines. We currently create a new sheet for each project. We would like to create a kanban that links these projects utilizing the highest level of the hierarchy as the lanes (5 lanes) and the next level as dropdowns in the cards (9 at the most.) The third level is where the actual tasks are but for the purpose of this linked kanban, we would not need to deal with that level. It does not seem to make sense to copy and paste the checklist into a single file for each project but that is what gives us the functionality that we need and it seems unwieldy to try to manage all those cell links. Is there another solution that has not occurred to this newbie.


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    Hi Hugh,

    Smartsheet is working on Kanban view in reports.

    Would that work?

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  • Kanban in reports would be great.

    What is the proposed schedule for release of this functionality?

  • We use many (60 or so) individual sheets for each project and a single "dashboard" sheet that aggregates info from all other sheets. We would like to use Kanban and Resources but keep running into this problem: Kanban works on a single sheet, but resources do not; resource view shows the sheet name. If you put all your resources on the same sheet (so you can use the Kanban!!), your resource view shows every project with the same name.

    It seems a simple fix for this would be for the resource view to show the task name, not the sheet name. I don't see a way to make this happen. So far as we can tell, Resource view (multiple sheets required for individual job names) and Kanban (single sheet required to work) are not compatible features.