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Webforms: Auto hide based on answer of other field; Alerts based on answer of field



I have a few questions. 



A team fills out a webform every time that a they take a call. There are different fields available to them to fill in. Some of these fields(especially towards the bottom) do not apply if one of the first fields they fill out are filled out with a specific answer. each of these fields in question are drop down lists. 



Is there a way that we can hide fields based on other fields answer? 


I read one discussion stating that this might not be possible, wondering what the status is or if SmartSheet is even looking into it. 



A team fills out a webform every time that a they take a call. There are different fields available to them to fill in. Two of these fields are filled in by a sro (service request order) or a model #. They are manually typed in by the user. 



If those two fields already on the sheet can we alert the user that we already have a submision for that those numbers? So that they either check the numbers or do not have to fill out form.


I was thinking of some kind of formula but not sure if its even possible. Thought i would ask first. 



Thanks yoiu guys/ladies. SmartSheet is the best and my team loves what we have been able to accomplish with it. Sealed




  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams Top Contributor



    WebForms in Smartsheet currently do not have this functionality.

    They do not "know" or reference the underlying sheet (from what I can tell, at any time in their data entry creation by the end-user)


    I'm currently investigating AppSheet (https://www.appsheet.com/ or the Smartsheet Apps library) to see if such things are possible.


    If it will, I'll respond here by the end of next week.




  • Bob Andrews
    edited 03/10/16

    For the first question - web forms cannot show questions based on previous answers BUT Google Forms can do this and you can use Smartsheet Sync to add Google Form responses to a Smartsheet.




    Second question - web forms cannot search for data on a sheet. You could build a formula in the sheet that searches if a value already exists then provides an indicator. This would work if users were adding the new data directly in the sheet, but not if they were adding via a web form. 

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