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How to insert a disclaimer in the header

Our Smartsheets are already branded and using our logo in the top right corner.  Our Legal Dept wants a visible disclaimer to be shown on each sheet that users cannot share any information on the sheet outside the company.


I tried to put the disclaimer in the logo area, but you can't read it.  


What is the best way to show a three sentence disclaimer on each sheet?  If it is the top line of each sheet, it messes up the sorting function.  Add a disclaimer or find a new collaboration tool - please help.




  • Not being able to freeze the top row is a pain when people will do sorts. The only workaround I could figure out was to use hierarchy, and basically indent everything under the top row. That way, sorting won't move the top row. 

  • Create a custom template with warning added to the first row, then ask your users to create sheets from the template. 

  • There isn't a cell merge function to make the verbiage go across the screen.  Am I missing something really obvious to everyone else?



  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams Top Contributor
    edited 03/10/16



    There is no cell merge feature. It has been requested before.

    It isn't on the near term road map yet 



    If the three columns to the left are 'fixed length', that is the users are unlikely to change in size, I have done something like



    I'm not proud of it.




  • Tim McCarthy
    Tim McCarthy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, having cell merge capability would be really useful at times.

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