Notify an assignee that the predecessor has complete his task.


I want to use smartsheet as an international project management tool. One thing is driving me creasy.

I want to send out a notification to an assignee if the predecessor task is completed. Please find attached a screenshot of my scenario. 

The task in row 27 needs row 25 & 26 to be done ( active checkbox in column "done"). If the assigned person of task 25 & 26 marks their tasks as done, the assigned person of task 27 should know that he can start. Via e-mail notification.

This should be a standard scenario that a lot of people have. I couldn't find any good solution in several threads. E.g.:

Is there a new future that I am missing?

The problem always seems to be that the assignee is in another row. You can't make notification rules over different rows. It needs to be something like: If "done" is "checked" notify "assigned to" of the assigned task(s).

I tried to add a column that would give me the name of the assignee but it didn't work out well. I want to avoid typing in the assignee manually for every task. 

My user group is not that familiar with tables in general. So I want to avoid doing too much organizational.

I would appreciate any support I can get.





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