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Duration calculation issue


I don't know if it is bug or feature, but it looks strange for me.


So I have sheet created based on project template. I have dependency turned on.


I noticed next behaviour: If task start at weekend or holiday then duration calculated with one extra day. On attached image all tasks (except task2) have wrong value in Duration.


Question #1: Is it normal that start_date can be at weekend / holiday?


Question #2: Behaviour "if start_date at weekend/holiday then duration will be real_duration+1day" - is it bug or feature? If it is a bug - when it will be fixed?








  • Jeff K.

    Try using the following formulas for calculating the number of days without weekends: WORKDAY() or NETWORKDAYS( [dayStart], [dayEnd] )


  • Jeff, 

    Thank you for comment. 


    But in my case I can't use any formulas. I need understand how this duration calculating works in default project. Note that I created this sheet based on standard template 'Project'.


    So I want to understnad if this "default logic for duration calculation" is normal or not?

  • Majo

    I found the same.  There is an option to specify which days are working days so I chose Saturday and Sunday as non-working days.  However Smartsheet told me that their Conditional Formatting does not account for non-working days.  So I had a condition that says 'turn this cell red if it is not checked within 3 days of due date' and if the due date was Monday it would only turn red on Friday, not three working days before Monday which is Wednesday.

  • Kennedy Stomps
    Kennedy Stomps Employee
    edited 06/10/16

    Hi Anton--


    In Smartsheet, tasks and milestones can be scheduled to start on a non-working or holidays, as you've displayed in your screen capture. This will include that date in the duration calculation, as Smartsheet assumes that by starting the task on that day manually, you want that day to be considered a working day. If tasks are linked with dependencies, Smartsheet won't automatically start tasks on non-working or holidays. Additionally, Smartsheet won't let end dates occur on these types of days. 


    In Row 1 (Task 1), I can see that you manually scheduled a 3 day task to start on a holiday. As a result, Smartsheet assumes you will consider that day a working day and thus the duration is correct. Hope that helps clear things up!

  • Kennedy,


    Thank you for response. Now it clear.

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