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I have a business rule list in SharePoint.  When updates are needed, the change management process is managed in SS.  Currently, the user has to tell us the ID number and name of the business rule manually.  Lots of room for error.  We would like to be able to pull the ID number from a drop down which then allows the data to auto populate.  I have seen older posts that reference similar requests but their solutions won't work for this solution.  We aren't using Google or sending a link with the original submission.  Is there any way I can minimize the manual steps for the user or do have to continue with them as is?




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    Hi Lynn,

    Would the Business Rule be in Sharepoint and you'd want to "sync" it over or could the information be in Smartsheet?

    Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help.

    Have a fantastic week!


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    HI Andree,

    Thanks for the reply.  I have added detail below and some screen shots.  Any help you can give, would be greatly appreciated.  

    We are building out a business rules repository in a SharePoint List (See SharePoint 1- home page).  SharePoint will house the list of rules and the corresponding documents.  We will manage the new requests and change requests in Smartsheets. 

    The new request process is easily handled by Smartsheets.  The user clicks on a button in SharePoint which opens the Smartsheet form for a new request (See SharePoint 1 -middle button).  The request is logged in Smartsheets and automation takes it from this point.  The change process works similarly.  The user clicks on a button (See SharePoint 1 - right hand button) and it opens a Smartsheet form ( See - New Request form).  The user fills in the business rule ID and title then submits the requested change.  Automation takes it from this point. 

    What we are trying to do is eliminate the user populating the Business rule ID and Title manually.  Instead, it would be great if the user could pick the rule ID on a form and then the other fields on the form would populate with the corresponding information.  The other fields would include the current business rule and a blank field for the change.  This is what the Execs have asked for.  To me, this seems like an update request but it can’t be kicked off manually.  The only other idea I have around this is having the user give the rule number and possibly use automation to kick off the update request. 



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